Arnas Jacevičius | CEO & Co-founder of ACA agency


Not everyone starts off at an advantageous position in life, but does that really mean there’s no chance to move beyond the circumstances we find ourselves in? Certainly not. In this edition of Going Global with The Magnitude Group, Simo talks to Arnas, a successful entrepreneur and growth hacker with Sugatan. From his humble beginnings in Lithuania, Arnas has a wealth of unique experiences to share that contributed greatly to his successes later in life.

After years working through 15 different jobs, Arnas earned US$1,000 in a week after diving into ecom himself. He eventually pivoted fully into eCommerce.

One of the most insightful discussions revolves around the biggest challenge that he faced with Sugatan, with clients losing money, he was challenged to focus and growth hack in order to make their clients more money. He succeeded and uncovered a great ecom secret in the process: following trends early is how to make it big.

Taking a unique departure from most podcasts, Simo and Arnas have an extended discussion on their relative experiences with psychedelics and how they have helped to illuminate their respective journeys to enlightenment.

Key talking points: 

03:44 – Smarts isn’t everything if it doesn’t bring you success—check out the very early struggles of Arnas.

05:03 – Just having a job doesn’t give you the freedom you want as was discovered the hard way.

08:41 – Discovered through organising tournaments that he loved connecting people.

09:38 – Signed professional football contract in Lithuania at 17.

11:35 – Started entrepreneurial journey before starting University.

13:06 – Found that university didn’t actually teach marketing, etc.

16:13 – Many of the systems that comfort us don’t really do anything effective.

21:50 – You can’t get anywhere just by being the best student. You need a network.

22:59 – Research is vital if you want to get somewhere.

28:11 – Studying all aspects carefully allows you to have a strong approach to life and business.

30:07 – The desire to make money online was his initial motivation. Earned US$1,000 in a week after 15 different jobs.

33:03 – Pivoted fully to ecom after losing a football job and started investing more time into it.

35:57 – Worked in sprints and mix in educating himself.

37:39 – Be somewhere you know where you thrive.

39:57 – Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing – or at least are challenged by it.

43:02 – Adversity while growth hacking a client for Sugatan taught him the value of persistence.

45:13 – There’s one common thing among hugely successful ecom stores – it’s the trend. If you’re late to the party, you miss out on the chance to earn big.

46:35 – When you catch a trend, you have to push it hard and keep on growing.

48:22 – Arnas talks about the future of ecom.

48:49 – The next generations of agencies will build brands around influencers.

49:51 – People will gravitate towards influencers to determine a brand’s worth. The future is social.

52:05 – Arnas weighs in on the iOS 14 update and how it impacts ecom.

55:51 – Arnas and Simo talk about just how deeply social media and the data they have on you has a powerful influence on you.

57:11 – Status matters because we all look for a pleasurable “high” from all we do. It’s natural, biological, and neurologically founded.

1:04:09 – Arnas recommends trends that are worth following and building on if you want to make money today. Should you go into crypto? Find out!

1:07:09 – Never let people know how invested you are in things but keep on learning and studying.

1:10:31 – Always be honest about what you’re capable of, what you know, and what you’re knowledgeable about.

1:14:49 – Did you know that Google considers having experienced psychedelics… an advantage? Arnas shares his amazing experiences.


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