Arnas Jacevičius | CEO & Co-founder of ACA agency

Not everyone starts off at an advantageous position in life, but does that really mean there’s no chance to move beyond the circumstances we find ourselves in? Certainly not. In this edition of Going Global with The Magnitude Group, Simo talks to Arnas, a successful entrepreneur and growth hacker with Sugatan. From his humble beginnings […]

Julian Bartram | Community Manager for Shopify

Shopify has seen a boom with many people diving into eCommerce to offset the restrictions of the recent pandemic. In this edition of Going Global with The Magnitude Group, Simo talks to Julian Bartram, Community Manager for Shopify and a small business owner himself. Julian is responsible for helping small business owners maximise their Shopify […]

Pete Devkota | Founder of Email Optimize

Email marketing. Some swear by it; others just can’t figure it out. Simo sits down with Pete Devkota, founder of Email Optimize, to uncover the secrets to success with the platform.  Email Optimize helps its B2C clients leverage their databases and existing traffic to improve profit margins. Pete attributes much of his success, and the […]

Six things eCommerce sellers need to know about European VAT

This is something I posted a few months ago, giving some basics on VAT in the EU. Please remember nothing beats professional advice from your accountancy team/company. This is just a helpful read

Changes to the EU VAT 1st July 21

I came across this 5min Blog re the changes to the European VAT in-country declaration, which is coming into effect 1st July 2021

Ardie Savea | World Rugby Player of the Year

In many ways, it’s easy to draw parallels between business and sports. Both require a firm grasp on “the rules of the game” to succeed, both need a grand strategy to guide the implementation of tactics day-to-day, and without a strong team who have a firm grasp of their roles and expertise, you can’t win […]

Kilian Markert | Peak Performance Mentor

Who hasn’t struggled with consistency in their lives? One moment, you’re pumped and ready to dive into your crucial work tasks; the next, it’s like you’ve taken a dive and can’t drag yourself out of bed. In a world where everything is fast-paced, maintaining a consistently high-performing pace seems like a pipe dream. In this […]

Brad Lindsay | CEO of The Magnitude Group

In this candid first podcast, Simon Phillips and Brad Lindsay talk about where they started. For Simo, his starting point was one many of us can’t relate to. From starting a million dollar business in his 20s to ending up $200,000 in debt and moving back in with his parents. He had to pick himself […]

Integrity: A lesson in management, paying it forward and simply being humbled.

A while ago, I received a call from an old staff member, he was a Junior Warehouse Operations Leader that I had inherited when taking over a large logistical site in New Zealand in 2008. He started the call by saying “remember me” which I did, he was the most disruptive, annoying, and troubled employee […]

Europe, How does it stack up as an Ecommerce market.

It is no surprise that the most popular online purchases across the EU are clothes. 64% of internet purchases across the EU is clothing, including sports gear, footwear and accessories. This rates as the number one purchase across all age groups. Funnily enough, the next biggest category was fast food deliveries, I wonder if there […]