Brad Lindsay | CEO of The Magnitude Group


In this candid first podcast, Simon Phillips and Brad Lindsay talk about where they started. For Simo, his starting point was one many of us can’t relate to.

From starting a million dollar business in his 20s to ending up $200,000 in debt and moving back in with his parents. He had to pick himself up and restart from rock bottom.

Brad’s story isn’t quite as turbulant, but he did have to rely on his network and integrity to get Supply Chain Solutions off the ground.

While perhaps not as dramatic, it’s nonetheless very relatable. The meeting between Brad and Simo turned out to be very fortuitous, but how did they get there? That’s the question everyone wants to know.


Key talking points: 

01:06 What makes The Magnitude Group unique

03:14 Brad talks about his introduction to third-party logistics and how he started Supply Chain Solutions

04:26 Understand how supply chain management firms are a step up from traditional 3PL solutions.

06:39 Meet Simo and hear his story of frustration being a young entrepreneur that had it all and lost it all!

09:55 SCS’ big break!

13:52 There’s a real lack of integrity. But why does that matter?

14:50 What really are your most significant assets?

15:37 The world is finding that underperforming 3PLs can cost businesses a lot. Finding a great logistics partner is a significant challenge many companies don’t realise they need to overcome.

17:21 The final piece of the puzzle – creativity – comes into play.

21:40 A crucial tie-up made all the difference in Utah

24:25 How to test what markets to move into without leaving much to chance and open up your reach to a potential 850 million OECD consumers. 

31:00 How do you build the optimal brand?

38:29 Feel like things are getting tough? Do. This. One. Thing. Today.

39:40 Integrity is the answer to everything.

46:54 If you don’t start in a good position, all the activities you pursue suffer accordingly in business and life.

48:19 Discipline is key to setting yourself up for success.

51:51 Due diligence matters when looking for a 3PL; Brad details all that you need to do.

58:10 Trust your agencies to define your ROI’s realistically based on data but make sure they have a firm grasp on all necessary aspects – content, the funnel, landing pages, etc.

60:24 When building a brand, don’t tighten your hold on your brand – don’t fall in love with it. Be willing to shift, change, and adapt to what works – what’s true to you and your customers – even when it might be off-brand. Step outside the box.

61:25 Katy Perry branding example and why her authenticity makes her popular.

62:25 Get customers first – THEN focus on beautifying your brands.

63:55 The best way to sell your brand is to have them experience your product/service.

64:35 Authentic brands produce stronger connections

63:55 The best way to sell your brand is to have them experience your product/service.

64:35 Authentic brands engender stronger connections


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