From Humble Beginnings To Millions of Dollars Across The Globe

One of our biggest success stories

started locally in Auckland NZ, and is now selling across the globe on multiple continents! Leveraging the entire product suite of TMG, we have been able to deliver outstanding revenue growth for our partner.
At TMG everything we do is grounded in strategy, research and insights and that is exactly how we scaled our most successful partner. Through our proprietary market validation process we identified the markets most ripe for disruption by our clients’ simple yet engaging product. Taking into account a plethora of variables we launched in 4 international markets – with 2 more in the pipeline for Q3 2021. 

Our client has benefited from the full suite of TMG services, an exemplary illustration of the weight the group brings to the table. The client’s previous website was full of brand assets and product images, but was struggling to get a high conversion rate. TMG rebuilt the website with more social proof, unboxing videos, trust badges and customer reviews, all steps to increase conversion rates. The results speak for themselves (insert cvr increase %)

With the website optimised we set about creating content that resonated with the target audience. Reverting back to our process, we dived deep into the consumer, category and local market insights to build winning content. Once again the results are hard to argue with (insert CTR/ROAS increase %)