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Profitable Growth System 4.0 | MasterClass

Why do some Shopify stores succeed & others struggle to grow?

Some have a methodical growth system. Some don’t. So watch the training, swipe ours for 2023 and book a demo call with me to find out how we would install the PGS 4.0 into your Shopify brand.

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Specifically for AU & NZ Shopify Brand owners making $15K+ p/month

Quick-Start Your Shopify Growth with a 15-Minute Discovery Call

  • Find Your Fit: In just 15 minutes, learn if our e-commerce accelerator can boost your Shopify revenue in 2024.
  • Exclusive Bonus: Sign up and receive our Profitable Growth System Document, the secret behind 420+ successful Shopify stores!

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Real results in real stores not just theory

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After 30 days of following The Growth System, we fired our agency, saving $6,500 /month.

The first thing that stands out is the huge savings on agency fees. We’re saving $6,500 p/month and have scaled to multi-seven-figure months! By joining The MEA and bringing marketing in-house, we can be much more reactive and in tune with what is happening in our business. Not to mention the IP of all of the learnings being with our internal team, which is possibly the most important thing.

Annabelle Baker
Chefs on Wheels

After three months, we are up 350% - 400% YoY in revenue.

Looking across the board, our metrics & financials improved substantially. Previously we’re up 350% - 400% YOY in terms of revenue. Since joining The MEA, I had a pretty decent return even just on the 1st module. It was epic.In 3-4 months the classes were all worth it. I ditched my digital marketing agency and it was the best thing ever. We gained further efficiencies in the business because of it. Your subject matter experts are very good with what they do.

Tony Parton

After just 14 days… our daily revenue increased by 700%+. TMG also allowed us to launch in The US before Black Friday!

Before joining The MEA, we had spent $50,000 on Facebook Ads, unprofitably losing money. After 14 days of implementing ‘The Growth System', our daily revenue increased from $3,000 to $25,000 at a 2.8 – 3.5+ ROAS. The MEA team is always there to answer questions professionally and support the growth of our business, whether it’s connections to 3PLs, web developers, or ongoing strategic support to take the company to the next level. It’s an extension of our team rather than working with an agency.

Sarah & Lewis
Contour Cube

We 3 x our Dec’ 2022 Rev (YoY) and increased our Google ROI to 13X!

The frameworks they provide you are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in experience and knowledge, and the amount of time it saves you is ludicrous. Since joining The MEA, we have 3 X our Dec YoY revenue and have consistently seen an average ROI of 13 –15X on our Google campaigns, which is huge for us. We didn’t realise how much money we previously left on the table by not spending it, and The MEA team helped us realise this. My founders and I have ten years of experience working on the agency side, and what we know about modern-day digital marketing is very little compared to what the guys have taught us on the MEA.

Iron Clad Pan

We’re saving USD $7,000 /month in agency fees & hit our largest-ever revenue day!

The reason we joined was so we could confidently fire our agency. Now we’re saving $7,000 monthly in agency fees while seeing dramatic increases in our revenue! We’re no longer just trying to survive; we’re now thinking about scaling our business to 20M. Through the programme, I’ve gained extensive knowledge on scaling our ads and marketing our business digitally. The live cohort was like my four-year degree in 6-weeks. My favourite part of The MEA is the community of entrepreneurs. It’s super valuable to work alongside people in the same position as you; I no longer feel like im alone in this!

Sarah Iverson
Rypstick Golf

After joining The MEA, I’ve managed to 4 X my ad spend profitably, and I fired my agency!

Joining The MEA has given me the kick I needed to take control of the marketing, and fire my agency (who I didn’t completely trust) and as a result, sales have boosted dramatically! I'm now a lot more confident running my Facebook ads and scaling. I genuinely believe The MEA team wants to see us thrive and succeed.10/10 recommend it to anyone wanting to scale their business to the absolute limit. I no longer feel like I'm doing this shit on my own; if I need help – I can reach out to anyone. For the first time, I actually feel like I have a team working with me.

Envious Customz

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Our partners

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Why book a call?

100% 5 Star Reviews so far…
Just Sayin'

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Just Sayin’" typeSpeed="20" startDelay="50" backSpeed="40" backDelay="500"]

Just listen to what 6, 7 & 8-figure Shopify store owners say about their strategy call with Simo.

How will the call add value?

It’s not a thinly veiled pitch with a commission-only salesperson. It’s an actual 1:1 system demonstration call with our founder & Shopify expert, Simon Phillips, with a guaranteed actionable outcome. Many have described their call as the most valuable meeting they’ve had all year.

01 Discuss your current state

02 Explore your desired state

03 Define best next steps

Curious how this 4-Stage process can add hyper profit to your business?

Cool - Do 2 things: Watch the video above & book a Demonstration Call.

Got Questions?

Brutal transparency, all the time

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We need you to be a decision-maker at a New Zealand, Australian or United States-based Shopify Brand turning over at-least $250k / Year. Also, we need you to watch the training on this page in full.

Simo will identify the 1-2 most important steps you could take to drive profitable growth in your business. Generally, it’s simpler than you think, and like everything we do at TMG, it will be highly actionable. This could look like Meta ad creative strategy, product page insights, a new way to look at bundling products, an international market test… you get the idea.

We’ll cover your business history, opportunities, roadblocks & objectives, looking for the 1-2 high-leverage areas where you’re leaving money on the table. Once identified, we’ll immediately focus on how we can implement the 1-2 activities in your business as soon as possible and will provide a concise written plan for you to follow after the call. Nothing held back.

Basically, Simo has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt regarding E-Commerce. Brand, Product, Logistics, Marketing, Sales & Finance from startups to $100M+ companies. Brief history below:
  • Started my first Shopify brand at 19 in 2011 with 2k @ 19
  • My parents Mortgaged the family home & loaned me $170k to scale @ 21
  • Scaled & Sold 50% of my first brand Fitwear @ 23 to affiliate marketers from the UK for $1.1M
  • A string of poor personal life / Commercial decisions and I lost It all @ 26
  • Moved home with $200k in debt between the mortgage and credit cards
  • No Money to start a brand, started consulting for NZ Shopify stores
  • Quit Personal Life, Worked On Myself + The Business & Found A Mentor @ 27
  • We Launch Glass Elephant together & achieve a crazy Brand Growth Story: $50M in 2 Years
  • Sold 5% of Glass Elephant & our internal brand studio for $500k @ 29
  • Scale Agency to 60 clients & 85 staff and get stuck in unprofitable downward spiral @ 30
  • Pivot Agency to 10 clients with Accelerator model bolt-on @ 31
  • Now building next-generation global marketing / logistics / education business

No. But we don’t blame you for wondering. The E-Commerce industry, since its inception, has been plagued by bad actors with outrageous claims, fake strategy calls & underdeveloped products that don’t deliver on their promises. Real recognises real – Once you’re on the call, it becomes very obvious we’re the real deal. Our group history goes back 23 years, and we are aggressively focused on results for our clients. For example, we worked with Shopify to develop our accelerator programme for free for four years before we sold a single seat.

There are three opportunities to work with TMG… The first step for all 3 is to meet Simo and ensure we can add value to your business.
  1. Global 3PL | Utilise our global 3PL network & international freight forwarder to handle your air/sea cargo, warehousing, pick/pack & last mile delivery. We have 13 owned facilities across US / CA / UK / EU / AU / NZ, and pricing is based on a transparent rate card. Generally, a good fit brand for our global 3PL offer is doing $3M – $150M / Year.
  2. Profitable Growth Partner | Engage us as your Profitable Growth Partner to own e-commerce revenue generation for your business. Measured by 3 KPIs: Revenue Target, ROI Target & Gross Profit Target, we will build a bespoke engagement based on the Profitable Growth System 4.0, your business strategy & your existing capability. We provide services: Meta, TikTok & Google media buying, Meta & TikTok ad creative, website optimisation, email marketing & organic social media marketing across the following eight regions: US / CA / UK / NL / FR / DE / AU / NZ. Generally, a good fit brand for our Growth Partner offer is doing $5M – $100M / Year.
  3. E-Commerce Accelerator | Join a community of ambitious 6, 7 & 8-figure E-commerce brands implementing The Magnitude Growth System (MGS) in their business. All sharing what’s actually making them money in real-time. We install The PGS 4.0 together, we train your team how to use it then we provide expert execution support every single week. Imagine having access to a team of experts that would normally cost $30k / Month minimum to troubleshoot, solve & resolve any issue you face in your E-commerce journey. Generally, a good fit for our Accelerator Programme offer is doing $250k – $25M / Year.

We want to build profitable & enduring Shopify brands with friendly entrepreneurs. And have a sh*tload of fun doing it. We build businesses that allow their owners to spend maximum time on the things they love with the people they love. That’s winning in our world.

In our humble opinion? To be free & succeed together.

Not a bunch of digital nomads

What makes us different?

Not just a bunch of kids with laptops… We are a global organisation leading the world in E-Commerce from our Auckland, New Zealand HQ with ~450 world-class humans across 13 facilities in 6 countries.

For the last ten years, we have focused specifically on Growth Marketing & 3PL Logistics for Shopify Brands. In the last five years alone, we have supported our clients to generate more than 4.5 billion (Yes with a B) in revenue. We then document, test, refine & share the exact learnings in an actionable format with our friends and clients. One day that could mean you. For today – You can take a peek behind the curtain.

TBH, If Simo hadn’t met Brad, it might
still be a few kids with laptops…

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We’re on the tools making content too

[typed string0="We’re on the tools making content too’" typeSpeed="20" startDelay="50" backSpeed="40" backDelay="500"]

TBH, If Simo hadn’t met Brad, it might
still be a few kids with laptops…

We’re on the tools making content too

Proud part of The Magnitude Group.

Proud part of The Magnitude Group.

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