Pete Devkota | Founder of Email Optimize


Email marketing. Some swear by it; others just can’t figure it out. Simo sits down with Pete Devkota, founder of Email Optimize, to uncover the secrets to success with the platform. 

Email Optimize helps its B2C clients leverage their databases and existing traffic to improve profit margins. Pete attributes much of his success, and the success of Email Optimize with a shift in perspective. When you lead with value, he says, the money will come, advising businesses to focus on providing value for their clients.

So what do companies need to succeed in their email marketing?

Pete lists three crucial keys to success: proper segmentation, nurturing, and a winning offer. Pete dives deep into the complex numbers that make for effective segmentation. Without those numbers, businesses need to focus on the depth of their engagement: finding a winning piece of content and leveraging it for continued success. Now, when it comes to nurturing, Pete strongly recommends focusing on a good offer. People forget that when you don’t offer convenience and the right price, customers will take their money elsewhere.

There’s a very comprehensive discussion on “the right offer” to be had, but in summary, Pete recommends that you first make sure that your product is truly unique. Nothing turns away a customer faster than a poor product which is the bane of many businesses that rely on dropshipping to fulfil orders. 

Finally, Simo and Pete talk about making time for the things that truly matter in life: family and loved ones. How do you do that? Take a listen and join in on the conversation. You can also connect with Pete on Facebook:

Key talking points: 

03:03 – Pete details his story from his first start to his big move to Australia and all his misadventures in between

08:03 – Pete discovers his passion, joins an agency, and works to become the best at what he does.

10:17 – There’s a lot of correlation between engineering and ecomm. Engineering plays a part, for example, in manufacturing a lot of products sold.

10:54 – Pete starts his agency to help B2C leverage databases and existing traffic via Email to improve profit margins.

12:40 – “All failures contribute to the knowledge that eventually leads to success.”

13:13 – You got to have perseverance, persistence, and the willingness to keep getting up. But you need to have a plan and the vehicle to ride onto success. It takes you to this flow state where every part falls into its proper place.

16:19 – “When you lead with value, the money will come. How can I serve others? How can I solve their problems?”

18:21 – If you want to turn something into a business, stick with Klaviyo. It’s designed for e-commerce stores; it’s intuitive, gathers critical data, and has a lot of crucial automations.

21:14 – “People rarely see the value of Email. Not only is Email predictable, it’s a stable platform, and the profit margins are higher—you’ve already profited from the people that you’re reaching out to.”

23:56 – Pete walks us through some of their top success stories.

24:19 – Find out what goes on behind the scenes of Email Optimize and how they work their magic.

27:38 – Segmentation, nurturing, and the offer are keys to success with Email.

27:55 – Everyone likes to be presented an offer – not sold it. We want to feel special, exclusive, unique but not being sold to. So, it’s the right offer to the right person at the right time – easier said than done.

28:42 – Email is just one component of your eCommerce machine. You want to focus on things that directly impact a customer – like shipping times, and a great product. You want them to have a great experience overall.

33:04 – Pete talks shop with Simo and zeroes in on segmentation and frequency – and the secrets to getting them working in your favour.

44:42 – Even if you have a one-product store with low frequency, you can always explore other products that compliment your product. A good way is to leverage your database to uncover these products.

48:08 – Intrigued by Email? Just starting out? Here’s what you need to know.

50:23 – What you need to set up on Klaviyo. The best advice for start-ups and smaller businesses.

51:51 – Key advice for bigger businesses.

54:07 – Most of the regrets people have is too much focus on the business and not on family and other things that matter more.

55:34 – Work to live, don’t live to work: what you need to do to balance work and life, including great tips for scheduling your work.

1:00:41 – If you’re not thinking, you’re just following consequences rather than directing the flow of things.

1:02:45 – You have to be prepared to fail. You have to keep trying things.

1:04:14 – Try to make things easier for you. Find your direction. Float, don’t swim.


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