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Who hasn’t struggled with consistency in their lives? One moment, you’re pumped and ready to dive into your crucial work tasks; the next, it’s like you’ve taken a dive and can’t drag yourself out of bed.

In a world where everything is fast-paced, maintaining a consistently high-performing pace seems like a pipe dream. In this podcast, Simo talks to personal coach Kilian Markert, a forerunner of The Consistent Performance System, about what it takes to achieve consistency.

Listen in to find out how to bring  consistency in your life, and for even more discussions on the Consistent Performance Mindset, make sure to check out Kilian Markert’s website or add him on Facebook – Kilian

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Key talking points:

00:01:38 Kilian’s story and how he got where he is today

00:07:43 What consistent performance mentoring focuses on, and who Kilian works with.

00:10:18 You have to push through things even if they’re not comfortable.

00:11:53 What discipline is – and what it isn’t.

00:13:47 Nature and Nurture both play critical roles in shaping who you are.

00:15:36 A good strategy is to use environmental design to aid your development of good habits.

00:18:58 Sleep is a crucial pillar that many people gloss over.

00:21:10 Kilian teaches a simple time hack to get you sleeping better every night.

00:24:46 Pro Tip: Adjust your schedule around your end-of-work time

00:30:56 How to start AND stay consistent

00:32:16 Discover why your insistence on just “powering through” on willpower alone isn’t the smart way to go.

00:36:07 Having an accountability partner is a significant advantage.

00:40:27 Kilian talks about how to start your day proactively.

00:42:33 Constantly switching focus means you never get into the zone

00:44:06 Have an effective morning routine: Move, hydrate, and get in the right mindset

00:45:31 Focus on one task to kick off the day – of high-importance but not too urgent; high-level, long-term thinking.

00:48:50 The idea is that what you do in your personal life influences how you show up in business.

00:50:13 Don’t adopt an all-or-nothing mindset – it’s harmful. Start slow and aim for consistency.

00:51:53 “Trick” your mind into thinking you aren’t skipping a beat no matter how busy the day with this simple trick

00:55:55 Honestly identify your addictions when it comes to food.

00:58:35 Instead of thinking you can resist temptation, don’t make it accessible to you easily.

01:03:03 People have different energy cycles affected by many various factors.

01:03:54 Sometimes, life requires you to sprint followed by periods of rest. Consistency doesn’t mean continually operating at the highest level. We’re human. Consistency is the ability to get back on track quickly. Work hard, play hard, rest hard.

01:07:08 A key male error is to think that one day, it will all be done. Start making life sustainable now.

01:12:37 You have to areas of the brain that are occasionally in conflict. The key is to reinforce the right mindset that will feed into your focus.

01:17:57 What is the Consistent Performance Mindset?

01:21:50 Add Kilian Markert on Facebook or Join his Facebook Group |

01:22:03 For more discussion on the Consistent Performance Mindset, make sure to check out Kilian Markert’s website at

01:22:54 Number one book recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear


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